Big news, new beginnings...

So for those of you who didn't get my latest newsletter...I said a lot in this last one but the main 'news', is that I'm planning to move forward under a pseudonym, a kind of concept project called 'Child of Mind'. I'm really excited about this and if you've enjoyed my most recent music you're going to love what I'm working on with 'Child of Mind'.
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I've been in the studio working on an EP and pictures and further updates about this will soon be posted to the 'Child of Mind' pages.

I hope you all had a good start to the week!
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New Song, New Year

Hey everyone, 

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you enjoyed the holiday period and wish you all the best for 2015!!! For those of you who haven't found out already through my social media pages, I have some big news...On the 19th of December (my birthday) I released a new song for the first time in around 6 years. The song is called 'The End Of Time' and it was recorded live at my recent concert at Glashaus. It's a song I'm really quite proud of and I hope it gives you a taster of what I've been working on for the last few years and of what is to come.

You can download the track at all major online retailers including of course iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc. It's also available direct through my facebook page, just click on the 'Music Store' tab or follow the link here:

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Concert In Glashaus

On October 11th the band and I will be at Glashaus in Bayreuth (Germany) for another concert. It's a really nice venue and we also have a really cool support band called 'A Tale Of Golden Keys'...I hope you can come out to see us....Gonna be a lot of fun!! Head over to the 'Live' section of the website for more info. Keep well, Declan

Privat Club

Over the past couple of months we've uploaded some videos of our concert at the 'Privat Club' in Berlin. You can view them by visiting my youtube channel in the corner. Enjoy! 

Concert At The Privat Club In Berlin

On the 28th of June 2014 I will play a concert at the famous 'Privat Club' in Berlin with full band. It's gonna be a great night of music. We have played some small acoustic intimate gigs recently and we have another one of those coming up on April 11th at Cafe Tasso in Berlin but this will be different.
The 'Privat Club' is a fantastic live music venue, famous for hosting great concerts and I will be playing with a full band so it will have a completely different dynamic to the acoustic gigs. We've spent some time planning this and it's all been finally confirmed today.
Tickets are on sale for 12.50€ and you can buy them here

You will also be able to buy them on the door for 
13.00€...But you surely don't want to wait till then, do you? Pre sale purchase is cheaper, you guarantee your access to the gig well in advance and to top it off you get a nice, shiny ticket sent in the post which you can keep as a souvenir of the night. 

We'll see you on the 28th of June!!


Gig At Cafe Tasso Berlin

On April 11th I'll be playing an acoustic gig at 'Cafe Tasso' in Berlin. Just like the recent gig at 'Cafe Blume' it will be a small setup of just guitar, vocals and cello and should have a really cosy atmosphere...So definitely a good one to come along to. Also it's probably gonna be the last time  I play a gig in this way for a while, so if you enjoy the acoustic/intimate format then don't miss it! Gig starts sometime around 20.00...See you there! 


Great Gig at Cafe Blume

The Gig at Cafe Blume in Berlin (15.02.14)  went really well. It was a really nice, chilled atmosphere and we had a lot of fun. We played 10 songs and my last song of the evening was recorded, so if you head over to the video section you can see it there. Enjoy!

Secret Gig

On the 22.01.14 I played a cool secret gig at 'Mein Haus am See' in Berlin. It was a fun acoustic gig, just me, my guitar and cello and a nice little taster for the gigs coming up this year.  


New Website

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the fresh, new website. There are lots of things planned for 2014 so make sure you check back often and 'Like', 'Subscribe' etc, to keep up to date with everything.